Schedule a Phone Consultation

Free 15-minute get acquainted call
If you would like to have a free get-acquainted phone visit, we are happy to do that. We understand that you need to feel there is good communication and trust with the person who is helping you plan for any elder care needs. That can only happen with a conversation. We invite you to schedule a free get-acquainted call.

Phone or video?
We have the ability to meet with you by telephone. Or if you would prefer a video conference call, we can do that through our Zoom account. (See system requirements).

Family meeting?
For the get-acquainted call, let’s have no more than 2 people (besides us) on the call. We have phone and video conferencing capabilities so this will work even if you are in different locations. Simply schedule for a time that you know will work for both of you and enter your contact information. For subsequent calls, let’s see what feels practical.

Ready to make a plan?
Once we have had a conversation and you realize the many ways we can help you, you can schedule a 30 minute ($***) or hour long ($***) phone consultation. At this visit we can learn more about the details of your unique situation and get started on a plan tailored specifically to your needs, budget and priorities.

We ask that you pay with a credit card at the time of scheduling your appointment. If you do not need the full amount of time, ***. If you need more time, we will decide together on the call how to proceed. (Please read our cancellation and refund policy)

  • Schedule a free, 15 minute get-acquainted visit (telephone or Zoom?)
  • Schedule a 30 minute personal consultation (telephone or Zoom)
  • Schedule a 60 minute personal consultation (telephone or Zoom)